FAQ’s - Massage

Q. Why should I receive massage on a regular basis? And is "just" Swedish REAL therapy?

A. Massage has a positive effect on the entire body - skin, muscles, blood vessels, nerves, joints, ligaments and connective tissue. It increases circulation and improves digestion and absorption. It encourages detox activity of the lymphatic system, kidneys and liver. Often we DO need deeper work or other modalities. In my experience though, more clients say “that was the BEST massage, ever” when I do a pure Swedish flow. Many therapists pride themselves on NOT doing a “fluff” or “spa” massage, but Swedish relieves stress, reduces pain, lowers blood pressure and increases levels of endorphins and serotonin - wow!

Q. I sell organic health products at several Farmers Markets in Phoenix. Could I hire you to be in our space and give free chair massage?

A. Great idea! Many people are reluctant to approach if they feel an obligation, and a sign that says FREE! turns that around. Chair massage at events or presentations makes more people stop and look, and also adds fun. And shoppers who are relaxed and receptive buy more products.

Q. I’m a therapist. Does your class offer AZ approved CEU’s?

A. No...this 90-minute lesson is for any small group who wants to learn a few basics, have some fun, and enjoy some synchronized 4-hands therapy.

Q. I’m excited to be expecting, but I’m early in my pregnancy and my bun in the oven is killing my lower back. Is it ok to get a massage?

A. When you bring a note from your doctor specifying you have no high risk factors, yes. And congratulations! According to The American Pregnancy Association, massage during all three trimesters is safe, but I still prefer you bring a note if you are in your first trimester.

Q. We’ve never met you. You’ll pack up your massage table and come out to our house?

A. If you’ve been referred to me, yes!  Just add $15 to any massage offered. Couples and females only, please.

Q. Do you have Gift Certificates?

A. Yep. For any therapy / combination of services / time duration. Hint – it’s always nice to add “includes tip!” on the certificate, which eliminates any question, and makes the experience completely stress-free for your recipient.

Q. I want a combination of treatments, or things NOT on your brochure (like maybe a 75 minute massage and 30 minute facial).  Would you do that?

A. You bet - I have a flexible, “open to suggestions” policy. I often combine, do longer/shorter durations, or research products and therapies for a specific need.

   Don't keep me a secret! Stay @ new-client pricing...for every referral you send to me, I'll reduce your next service by $5.  

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