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Q. Are there times or reasons I can’t have a peel or microdermabrasion?

A. Yes. If you’ve taken Accutane within the last six months, are sunburned, have active cold sores, are within 24 hours of waxing, or are using Retin-A (please stop for at least a week prior to your appointment).

Q. I have sensitive skin and have never had a peel. Does it burn? Just that word … PEEL … concerns me.

A. Peels performed outside of a Doctor’s practice or Med Spa rarely remove, in-office, a layer of skin. Rather, they work by dissolving dead cells of the stratum corneum, and the cells and proteins that bind them (denaturing). Then, on day two-three afterwards, skin becomes dry and flaky, then sheds for several more days. (During this stage it's safe to wash with a textured pad, or use your cleanser with scrubbing grains.) Directly following your peel however, and depending on the level and your skin type, you may be noticeably sensitive and pink for a few minutes, hours, or through the rest of the day. This is normal.

(*In my practice I don't use aggressive peels (that cause the skin to “frost”, or penetrate below the stratum lucidum). I also don’t do chemical peels directly after microdermabrasion - these penetrate like crazy, and risk hyperpigmentation and inflammation - but I’ll do them 2 days before, or 5 days after microdermabrasion.*)

Q. What’s Lactic Acid peels – I thought it was all about Glycolic.

A. Both are Alpha Hydroxy Acids (glycolic from sugar cane and lactic from milk) and I just prefer Lactic. Glycolic has the smallest molecule, that penetrates more readily – but that makes it IRRITATING. Studies have shown Lactic Acid is less irritating AND more effective – improves texture, promotes collagen production, lightens hyperpigmentation issues like melasma, lentigo (photo damage/sunspots) or freckles, and may improve the appearance of acne scars. I use several levels of peels, and they all contain enzymes, and both alphas and betas - Salicylic and Lactic acids.

Q. Are there special instructions to follow after my peel?

A. Yes. Your skin will be sensitized for several days. Please avoid intentional sun exposure, use only mild products, and moisturize more often. Always use sunscreen when outdoors.

Q. What in the world is a back facial?

A. Well, it’s just…the best thing ever! Honestly, most of us have areas of oiliness and clogged pores we can’t see or reach. And we SHOW our backs – in dresses at holiday events, and all summer long. So…all the steps of a facial take place on the back, which of course includes MASSAGE. Yay!

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